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Leutasch valley consists of 11 villages and hamlets that are scattered to the border mountains Wetterstein together creates a country embedded between the modified fields and small woods. Farming tradition, the real village life in the valley Leutaschskom that for centuries symbolized pastoral life of local people, hunting, the typical atmosphere of the local pubs with real Bavarian beer.

It is this atmosphere makes visiting Leutaschskej valley unforgettable place where everyone likes to bounce back. For lovers of hunting is ready to truly experience that you can enjoy during hunting ceremonies - Gaghofer Hubertuswoche that are dedicated hunter and author honor of Ludwig Ganghofer, which formed and lived in Leutasch. His birthplace is open to visitors as a museum during the year.

The genuine care to go fishing lake Weidachsee, where every visitor can catch "his trout." The ski slope is located in the summer months, children's amusement park with lots of attractions and places of interest, which increases adrenaline ride roller bob at more than 1000 meter concrete trough to peak of zjazdárskej tracks on which you can comfortably lift.
In the summer, do not miss a walk or after designated tourist paths, or directly through the village with a variety of tourist attractions, 18 chapels, two parish churches, or rights Alpine spa.

In winter Leutaschské Valley offers a quality day and night skiing on adjacent slopes or sledding through the night lit route leading part of the forest.