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24 km away from Pension Anna – Maria ***, Innsbruck is a two-fold Olympic city with an emperors residence build in rococo fashion – Hofburg, and an Alpine Zoo Garden with over 2000 animal species, and a sea aquarium.,,,


A community in the center of the Olympic area, 6 km away from the Pension Anna – Maria ***. Magnetic attraction for tourist from all over the world. Home for the Olympic skiing competitions in years 1964 and 1976 and world skiing championship in year 1985. Seefeld is the center for nightlife, with its casino, bars and discotheques. In the vicinity of Seefeld is a known attraction for children – the Play Castle.


The highest-situated spa city in the Bavarian Alps with its second tallest lift in Germany leading to the top of the Karwendelspitze Peak, with a violin museum and an abundance of striking monuments, is famous for its unusual paintings on the house facades, cozy narrow streets, violin producers - all this is only 6 km away from the Pension Anna – Maria ***.,


The capital city of Bavaria and Germany’s third biggest city only 100 km away from the Pension Anna – Maria ***. The city is famous for its museums as well as for its renai-ssance and baroque castles and popular for its festivities known as the October Beer Festival.,


Garmisch-Partenkirchen underneath the highest peak of Germany the Zugspitze, it is the most renowned and most important spa city in the Bavarian Alps as well as a wintersports metropole, only 64 km